Widely considered one of the greatest artists of all time, Leonardo DaVinci so brilliantly captured Man’s symmetrical range through his sketch of The Vitruvian Man. Many points of meaning that can be extracted from this drawing, one of them being that Man can fill whatever environment/shape he wishes, geometrically, but also philosophically.

So, what does The Vitruvian Man have to do with thermal stretch insulation? Universality and adaptive mobility.

Whether activity-specific insulation has been perfected for the arctic cold, resistant to odor, fire, water, or is battery-charged to add warmth, the technical advancements have never been better. Despite all these innovations, perhaps one of the most sought out attributes is “garment universality.” By this I simply mean functional and appropriate in all/most situations.


Not everyone will need a thermal insulation jacket to hike the Himalayan Mountains or need fire-resistant insulation to fight fires. On the other end of the bell curve, those that don’t have jackets are just has scarce. The majority will seek a jacket that can be used in most situations for their day-to-day. The insulation for this garment will need to be balanced in areas of warmth, breathability, and versatile in ranging conditions and seasons.


Having established the need for a universally capable garment that functions well in all seasons, the other desired attribute is mobility. It may be a bit of a stretch (pun intended) to claim parallels from DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man to stretch insulation, but not much. Not much at all.

We live in a time of efficiency and minimalism, and a “one-in-all” solution is proving to be king. Insulated apparel is evolving, always advancing ways to stay dry and warm, but that’s not enough. The majority of us now want comfort and mobility.

Stiff wool coats, unforgiving cotton, and boxy synthetic garments are a thing of the past.

Whether you’re a student walking campus, a daily commuter in the city, riding horses, playing frisbee, bike riding, golfing, or simply going to the grocery store, having insulation that allows your body full range of motion while keeping you warm is the new standard.

What stretch-innovating products are out there, and what’s the best?

Thermore’s Freedom insulation is uniquely built; made with proprietary fiber, Freedom consists of incalculable micro gaps, allowing insulation to stretch to your bodies range of movement over 4 times more than other comparable products in the market.

Stretch insulation has taken over the garment industry, and for good reason. It’s added another level of attributes to thermal insulation for outerwear, tailoring to the needs of modern-day Renaissance Men and Women.